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Norfolk Owls

Norfolk Owls visited Tilney School on Friday 15th October. The children were able

to hold and handle the owls. Judging by the smiles on the children's faces, they obviously enjoyed the experience.

Thank you very much Norfolk Owls for visiting our school.


Dear Parents/Carers

Please find a link to the Alive October half term holiday programme which may be of interest to you.


We have some fantastic opportunities for children to keep active over the holidays. Children can try a variety of sports with activities at Lynnsport, Downham Leisure, Hunstanton and St James Pool.

Holiday Activities - Alive West Norfolk

Bookings can be made online or through your local centre.





James Wild MP visits our School!



James Wild, Conservative MP for North West Norfolk, visited our school today to get to know about us and find out 

about the children's favourite subjects. He enjoyed lunch and chatting to some of the children. Mr. Wild then watched the children playing

outside after lunch and joined in with a game of basketball. He also enjoyed meeting the school's pet rabbits!

During the afternoon, the MP visited the different classrooms and watched the children being taught various subjects. 




Year Sixes from Tilney and Anthony Curton went on a residential trip to Hill Top Outdoor Activity Centre near Sheringham.

They started their trip by spending time in Sheringham on the beach and also enjoyed a fish and chip lunch.

Many adventurous activities were enjoyed at Hilltop including; treetop trail, power fan, big zipper, climbing wall,

team building and games in the Enchanted Forest. The children (and the adults) had a wonderful time!



Year 6 Leaver Hoodies.



A very big thank you to FOSA for the Year 6 leavers' hoodies. We love them!





The whole school very excitedly went outside in their bubbles to partake in Sports Day.  All the children enjoyed the variety of races that

Mrs Reed had organised for them. There were jumping kangaroos racing down the track, children balancing a

quoit on their heads whilst racing, a beanbag retrieval race, a skipping race, hurdles and of course the traditional sprint.


Very well done to St. Patrick who were the overall winners of the Sports Day trophy!


 Silver Sports Cup PC6






Penguin Class enjoying Forest School.

World Book Day

Otter Class - Evacuee Day.


Otter Class took part in an Evacuee Day as part of their topic work about World War Two. The children (and adults) dressed accordingly and carried their gas masks with them all day in case there was an air raid. The billeting officer delivered the children to Tilney All Saints from London and they were chosen to go and live on a farm. As the children had been evacuated to a farm, they had to learn how to look after rabbits and sheep. They also learnt to 'dig for victory'. 

When they heard the air raid warning siren, the children all laid flat on the floor, face down and covered their head with their hands until the siren stopped. The noise of the attacking planes was deafening and really scary!

They also played traditional games like musical chairs, musical bumps, board games, dominoes and cards. They enjoyed playing 'put the moustache on Hitler!' A black and white Mickey Mouse film was also watched and enjoyed. 

A special visitor arrived during the afternoon and each child received some chocolate!

Morning snack was a drink of milk and a biscuit. Helen provided a topical lunch which was a jam or ham sandwich, mini pasties, gingerbread cake and an apple. 

Big thanks go to Helen for all her hard work in preparing the snack and lunch.

A special mention and huge thank you to F.O.S.A. for paying for the day. 

Everyone had a very enjoyable day. 


Our latest additions!

We were very pleased to receive this letter from Ofsted confirming that our school is still judged to be "Good". We had a one day inspection, which we felt was very thorough, but fair, and confirmed our judgments that Tilney All Saints school is a good school!

Please click here to go to Ofsted

We are very pleased with a letter we received from Tim Coulson, the regional schools' commissioner for the East of England and North East London. He wrote to us after we had a visit from the DfE, checking that we were still a "Good" school and that we had high standards. Some of the comments included:

"The teaching was purposeful and the pupils' attitudes to learning were strong. Books were well presented and showed good progress over time...Attendance in both schools is at or above national figures. Professional development has led to strong expertise in key areas."

"The pupils that were interviewed were very enthusiastic about the school and grateful for the high quality support they received."

"One girl was full of praise for the support the school had given to her disabled younger sibling. All had an unusually positive view of the schools. They appreciated taking part in mixed activities and really enjoyed their Friday afternoon joint sessions. Harmer admitted that a response to one of his questions had been unique and surprising. When asked what was best about the school, the first answer he received was "the homework". This turned out to be a reference to the creative activities the pupils are encouraged to undertake at home to extend their learning. His question about the ways the schools could be improved was the only one to stump them."

"These are two good schools that have developed through partnership and strong, committed leadership...the interest of working across both schools has made them an interesting place in which to work and develop."