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Maths Curriculum Overview


In accordance with the National Curriculum, pupils should make connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems (National Curriculum, 2014). 

Pupils are expected to master a range of strategies and recall on these to solve familiar problems, as well as applying what they know when tackling unfamiliar ones.  Children often worry about making a mistake or getting things wrong in maths.  Whilst ultimately the outcome is important, we need to give consideration to the process and decision making that happens to achieve this.   

Problem solving discussion and investigation are seen as integral to learning mathematics (Ofsted, 2012).  By collaborative working, discussing and explaining ideas, trying a range of strategies, overcoming and learning from mistakes, pupils are developing resilience and working towards a mastery of maths.


Teaching for Mastery

In order to develop a mastery of mathematics it is important to ensure pupils have a conceptual understanding as opposed to just procedural.  We achieve this by following the White Rose Maths scheme and incorporating the CPA method of teaching.