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Covid 19 and other helpful information




Dear Parents/Carers,


We have received information and guidance from the central DEMAT health and safety team to clarify guidance after the Covid restrictions and rule changes effective as of tomorrow.


Please see information below:


•             As of Thursday 24th February, no testing for Covid is required for either staff or pupils.

•             There is no need for any isolation period, even if you have Covid. The guidance still says it is “recommended to isolate for at least 5 days” but if a person feels well enough, they are allowed to come to school.

•             From Thursday, Covid absence runs along the lines of other sickness , if your child feels well enough to attend school, they can.

•             There is also no need for close contacts to do any Covid testing after tomorrow.

•             Face coverings should not be worn routinely in primary school settings (unless agreed by the Local Director of Public Health. If we see a rise in cases within school. I will contact the Local Authority and they will advise whether to implement face coverings once again).


There is another document due out in the next few days with more guidance, so if this contains any significant changes, we will of course be in touch to make you aware.


We understand that, for some people, these rule changes will cause anxiety, while other people will be glad to get back to normal. Schools have no option but to follow the guidance set by the Government, so please be understanding to our staff when phoning school.


Thank you for your continued support,


Dawn Liddle

Executive Head Teacher


Domestic Abuse Helpline



Please feel free to email any of our teachers if you need any help with school work.

Please see links below which are part of Norfolk Children and Young  Peoples Health services support. The services are still available for families on the Just One Norfolk website, social media pages and online parents peer support group.