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Friday Afternoons

Friday afternoons

Jessica Holmes (j.holmes) on: Friday Afternoons

The thing I like about this school at KS2 is, we get to go to our sister school (Anthony Curton) on a Friday afternoon. We take part in subjects in mixed year groups, for example, year 5 and 6 from Tilney are with year 5 and 6 from Anthony Curton, but in four different groups. I am in art with Mr Furness. So far we have made sculptures, 3D hand pictures and charcoal drawings. The Tilney people in my group are : Lily, Charlie, Tommy, Questyne and Jamie. On week 1 I sat with a bunch of Anthony Curtons , on week 2 I sat with 2 Anthony Curton children.

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My prayer

My Prayer

Chloe Moore (ch.moore) on: My prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for all the nature and people around us. Thank you for songs as I really love them. Please help people to stop littering.

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Second time at High School

Second time at High School

Chloe Rothwell (c.rothwell) on: Second time at High School

This is our second time at high school, it was fun as we got to use the ukulele and we were joined by Terrington St. Clements Primary School. It was fun and enjoyable spending time with another school but it was sad when it was time to leave.

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School Activities

School activities

Lily Dickson (l.dickson) on: School Activities

We do loads of fun activities at school and here are some of them :


Blog club by  the  amazing Mrs Williams and other brilliant clubs, everyone enjoys the clubs teachers make!

Fun lessonss

Lily's favourite lessons is Maths

Abby favourite lessons are History and English

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First trip into high school

Our first trip to high school

Chloe Rothwell (c.rothwell) on: First trip into high school

We went on a mini bus to St. Clements High School where we learnt  danceable music with ukuleles and our hands as well, but our fun was only for about half an hour before we had to go back to our school. At break we sang in the mini bus, we had lots of fun in high school.

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Gymnastics lessons

18th Monday 2017 with Abby and Summer

Isabelle Lessman (i.lessman) on: Gymnastics lessons

On Monday after school me and Abby and Summer are doing gymnastics with Mrs Reed and Miss Hill. We got out the bench,Box-top and mats to practice balances and stretches.Miss Hill helped me to do a back bend also Miss Hill helped Summer on the box top. Mrs Reed Helped us to do stretches in case we pulled a muscle.  

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The second week back at school

The first week back at school

Lauren Boyce (l.boyce) on: The second week back at school

The clubs I have had this week are gymnastics, blog club. In piano lessons I got introduced to a new song called The Mouse. My mum really likes the way it sounds because it is calm and gentle. In gymnastics I started on badge 2 and passed 3 things in one hour, I was very pleased with myself. On Friday afternoons I am with Mr White we were using the ipads. I was partners with Emily and we played word search and times tables.

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First week back

first week back.

Henry Cowan-Godfrey (h.cowan-godfrey) on: First week back

On my first week back I became house captain, school council and V.I.P I created a great prayer,I also made new friends such as Theo and got to know people better and got to learn German.

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First week back at school

Lauren and Summer's first week back at school

Lauren Boyce (l.boyce) on: First week back at school

On Wednesday we talked with Miss Williams and made our class values, talked about safety and what we would do in case of emergencies. Me and Summer both played with all of our friends. We were both a bit scared going into a new class but now we are used to it. We hope it will be easier to make friends with the year sixes when we are in the same class.

Lauren and Summer

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My first week as year 5

Viking Topic

Chloe Moore (ch.moore) on: My first week as year 5

For our topic this term we are learning about Vikings. We are learning a viking song and all the Gods and Goddesses are fun . I like learning about  the Viking sagas and the funny personalities of the Gods and Goddesses . The work we have done about the Vikings is so fun . I have really  enjoyed the topic on Vikings  I can't wait to do more !!!

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My first week as year 5

Chloe Moore (ch.moore) on: My first week as year 5

My first day back was nice getting to see all my friends again. On our first day back we went over all of the rules and had P.E .  We made some prayers . It's already the 5th day back and we've already made amazing stories.

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